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Grafter Takes Gold At IWSC

Grafter Gets Gold

Grafter Takes Gold at International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022

In the world of fine spirits, the Irish whiskey scene has been gaining attention once again with the arrival of the Irish Whiskey Bonding Company. With the idea of taking the age-old tradition of whiskey bonding and infusing it with innovation and modernity, we have been left with Irish Whiskey that is unapologetically great and bold. Chancer and Grafter have been leading the way with their flavours, characteristics, and unseen before attitude in the world of whiskey.


But, not only do we know we make great whiskey, but so do the experts. Grafter was recently awarded the prestigious gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, placing the Irish Whiskey Bonding Company firmly in the spotlight, capturing the hearts and intriguing the minds and palates of whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.


A Reimagined Tradition:

The Irish Whiskey Bonding Company has breathed new life into the time-honoured tradition of whiskey bonding. Rooted in history, whiskey bonding involves sourcing whiskey from distilleries and then aging, blending, and bottling it under the bondholder's supervision. This approach allows for a distinctive character to emerge, setting bonded whiskies apart from mass-produced counterparts. The little brother of Shortcross Irish Whiskey, every bottle of IWBC is bonded with the insane quality that comes from the Shortcross Irish Whiskey Single Malt. By reviving this tradition, we have tapped into the core of artisanal craftsmanship that resonates with modern consumers seeking unique and authentic experiences – while adding our own sassy twist.


Introducing Grafter:

Grafter is considered an ode to the street-smart individuals who carve their own path. They aren’t afraid to put in the work, and certainly know how to celebrate their efforts and determination. As the whiskey flows, it echoes the laughter and friendship of old pubs and vibrant city streets. Everything Irish Whiskey stands for. A premium blend of 5 Irish Whiskeys including, Shortcross Single Malt Irish Whiskey, triple, and double distilled malt alongside pot still and grain. Grafter has been aged in ex-bourbon, sherry casks and virgin American Oak. It is non-chill filtered with an all-natural colour.

Tasting Notes:

Ready to try Grafter? You should expect fruit and citrus on the nose, with soft vanilla spice behind giving hints. Sweet and full-bodied malt leads the palate, followed by rich creamy pot still spice. The finish is long and mouth-coating with rich layers of malt and pot still combining, before concluding with notes of lightly toasted cereals and spices. Its smoothness, depth of flavour, and rich character have garnered it significant attention not only from enthusiasts but also from the connoisseurs and judges at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.


Gone for Gold at the International Wine and Spirits Competition:

The pinnacle of recognition for any spirits producer is winning at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). This renowned competition brings together experts and judges from across the globe to evaluate and celebrate excellence in the world of beverages. Grafter's achievement in securing a gold medal serves as a testament to the Irish Whiskey Bonding Company's commitment to quality, innovation, and the preservation of tradition.

 Grafter Gets Gold at IWSC


Grafter has not only revived an ancient tradition but also demonstrated the heights that can be achieved when passion, dedication, and innovation unite. The gold medal only underscores its exceptional quality. The rebellion is only beginning.


Are you a Chancer or a Grafter?


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